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We offer a comprehensive, three-way translation service between English, Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish spanning multiple sectors. Other languages into Brazilian Portuguese and LA Spanish are available upon request.

Our trusted team of translators only work into their mother tongue and boast extensive experience in their respective fields.

Annual, Sustainability and Integrated Reporting

Effective communication with stakeholders crucially supports your access to capital and finance and your social license to operate. Some of the most successful translations of Brazilian corporations’ annual and sustainability reports are credited to LatAm Translations. Our linguists understand and keep current on IFRS and GRI reporting standards and work to ensure each report and each section is stakeholder-appropriate – and the language compelling. That is why Big Four auditors and sustainability consulting firms rely on us to produce the high-quality reporting their clients expect.


LatAm Translations has worked behind the scenes in some of most high-profile international legal disputes in Brazil’s recent history. We put our clients in a position of strength by providing a uniquely clear understanding of the notoriously dense content of Portuguese-language complaint, answer, and motion papers, witness statements and judgements.

Tax and Compliance

Brazil is a world of its own. Not only is its language unfamiliar, but its tax, labour and social security frameworks and terminology often find no equivalent anywhere else in the world. This can pose a challenge to non-native businesses seeking to understand regulatory requirements and how they are performing. LatAm Translations helps law firms, consultants and other professional services firms to produce audit, advisory and tax reports and opinions that are useful, meaningful and understandable to foreign clients.

Government Tender Documentation

Successfully bidding for government or enterprise contracts can hinge on your understanding of the tender specifications, and your ability to communicate your offer effectively, in a language you don’t speak. LatAm Translations has assisted clients in all aspects of the two-way communications involved in government tendering, for projects ranging from power plants to banknote technology.


LatAm Translations has extensive expertise in translation of environment-related subject matter, from environmental impact assessments to greenhouse gas emission inventory reports, often in the context of securing financing for large-scale projects. Indeed, effective communication mediated by LatAm Translations has supported the success of a wide range of ventures.

Oil & Gas and Mining

Our linguist team includes professionals with backgrounds in the upstream and midstream oil & gas and mining industry. We have assisted oil and mining majors in knowledgably translating oilfield development planning documentation, complete refinery engineering documentation, globally standardised procurement specifications, complete on-line training video series, and much more.

Product Documentation and Marketing Copy

In a country where relatively few people speak and read in English, high-quality, localised product documentation and marketing copy can provide competitive advantage. Don’t let a language barrier keep you from successfully marketing your products and services in the world’s eighth-largest economy.


Whether you need simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, we can meet your requirements, including all the equipment necessary.

Chaperone service

Whatever reason brings you to Brazil, enjoy the comfort and security of being chaperoned by us. We can provide private motorists and personnel who can assist you by translating meetings and documents in real time. We can also accompany you during any leisure time you have whilst in the country, taking you to restaurants, shopping centres or any other places you wish to go.