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Quality comes first. All translations are done by native speakers with specialised knowledge of their respective fields. Terminology is researched during the translation process and an independent revision is carried out when the work is complete. Consistent use of terminology is guaranteed by memory software, dictionaries and our collection of glossaries.

The need for translation

High-quality, professional translation services have become an essential part of doing business and effective communication is a key factor in today’s multilingual information society. The global demand for such services has rocketed as a direct result of globalisation.

Whatever your line of business, you can rely on the friendly team of professionals at Latin America Translations.

Founded in 1991 in Rio de Janeiro as a local operation, Latam Translations has since blossomed into a company with a global footprint.

We operate in a niche segment providing boutique translation services to clients requiring quality and consistency for high-value communications. Whether it’s investor-facing annual and sustainability reports, customer-facing product catalogues  and marketing copy, or business-sensitive material such as audit and tax reports or lawsuits, our services ensure you communicate effectively.

Being based in Brazil gives us a strategic advantage, as it enables us to offer clients the comprehensive services of a first-class translation agency at more competitive rates than in Europe and the US. Our location also helps us keep abreast of the continuous economic, regulatory, cultural, and linguistic developments taking place in the country and the wider continent.